No one can function properly having suffered sustained broken or irregular sleep, or even no sleep at all. 

Your body begins to self preserve, you feel grumpy, lethargic, emotionally unstable which makes the challenge of parenting even greater, you can easily slip into a vicious circle and this quickly becomes unhealthy. 

If you could bottle and sell a good night’s sleep, it would surely become the world's most valuable commodity.

"The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep."

E. J. Crossman

One common misconception about sleep training is that there is only one path to take

This could not be further from the truth, in fact there are a number of ways parents can help their babies or children to develop good sleep habits. I prefer a structured yet gentle approach and using my proven techniques the results are as good or better than the old fashioned 'cruel to be kind' cry it out method and is certainly more sustainable. Leaving a child of any age to 'self soothe' for prolonged periods, which by any measure equates to leaving them to cry themselves to sleep, is distressing for the child and everyone in the household and by following my bespoke program is entirely unnecessary.

My role as a sleep consultant is to give you the knowledge, techniques and confidence to set the right environment for sleep, assist your child into a consistent daily routine, remove sleep associations and sleep props and overcome habitual waking, so that your child learns to sleep independently. 

Most children respond to the training quickly although some may require a more gradual approach. When you buy one of my packages, not only will you receive the necessary training but also my support in fully implementing your bespoke sleep plan.

When you contact me via phone or e-mail, we will discuss the nature of your child's sleep problem, your aims for sleep training and how I can help you. If you wish to go ahead, I will send you a brief but thorough questionnaire to complete and schedule a convenient time for your telephone consultation enabling us to go through your child's personalised sleep plan and answer any questions you may have prior to beginning your child's gentle sleep training.

The Sleep Issues I Can Help With Include:

  • Establishing good sleep habits from birth
  • Self-settling
  • Unsustainable sleep associations and props i.e., cuddling, rocking or feeding
  • Age-appropriate feeding and nap routines for babies and toddlers

  • Help to sleep through the night 
  • Reducing or stopping night feeds
  • The transition from a Moses basket to a cot or cot to a bed
  • Nightmare and/or night terrors
  • Toddlers and older children getting out of bed